Login to the Kingston Council CBL system using the Login button on the menu bar above. You will then see eligible properties. Place a bid by clicking the "Place a bid" button on the property details page. 

No. As long as you place your bid between 00:01 on Wednesday and 23:59 on Sunday your bid will count, subject to the bid being valid. There is no benefit to bidding early as shortlisting is carried out on the housing need of bidders, not on the time the bid was placed.

As long as the properties advertised match your housing need and are available to your Target Group, i.e. a valid bid, you can bid on multiple properties during the bidding cycle but you can only make one bid per property.

It may be because you are in a different Target Group. We sometimes restrict bids to certain Target Groups to enable us to meet the widest range of housing needs in a fair way. When we do this, we will advertise which groups can bid on the advert.

Usually this will be because the password has been incorrectly entered. Our system allows you to re-set your password and add a security question. Therefore if you forget your login password you can now re-set this without need to contact the office, provided you have set a security question.

If you cannot remember your CBL reference number, and you still use or have access to, the same email that you applied with, you can obtain this by following this link https://liveforms.homeconnections.org.uk/Kingston/Welcome.aspx?pid=20

If you have lost all your details please email [email protected] and we will send you your details to the email that you have registered with us on your application. If you have not provided an email, we will write to you at the address you have supplied on your application.

If the system is down for maintenance you will be advised of its unavailability when logging on.

We carry this out at the end of the bidding cycle, usually on Monday morning. We will extract all the successful bids and place them in Band order and date order within the Band and then consider the bids in strict order. 

If you are successful with your bid, we will contact you to let you know within the week. We will write to you to formally offer you the property and make arrangements for you to view. In some cases we may carry out multiple viewings. If your bid is subject to that arrangement we will explain to you further what this means when we initially contact you.

It may be dependent on who else has bid, for instance when you were 9th no-one in a higher Band may have bid for that property, whereas when you were 21st higher banded households may have bid. 

What we would advise is that the final number you see will vary from bid to bid and should not be taken as reference to where you are on the register, as we do not operate a traditional waiting list. The numbers that you can see at the end of the bidding cycle should be used as a general guide as to whether you are near or some distance away from being successful with bidding.

We can’t say, as there are a number of factors in who is successful, ranging from the Banding awarded, Target Group allocated, the number of properties becoming available to let and who else has bid. 

The Housing register is probably not the best solution for you and we would recommend that you look at the Housing Options available to you by following the Housing Options link.

More detailed information about Choice Based Lettings is available by following this kingston.gov.uk/allocationsscheme and selecting the Choice Based Lettings guide.

If your question concerns your banding, mobility category, target group or entry date please refer to the Housing Allocation Scheme 2017 document and user guide at kingston.gov.uk/allocationsscheme