Housing Options

The Housing Options service is here to help provide advice on a range of housing options that are available for those who find themselves at risk of losing their home.

Details on this service, as well as information about renting in the private sector can be found by going to Kingston's Housing, homeowners and renting page. 

There are also mobility schemes that are operated by organisations which could benefit tenants of Council and Housing Associations as well as homeless households including those in temporary accommodation.


Homefinder UK

Homefinder UK advertises social housing general needs properties across the UK and aims to help homeless households and social housing tenants find a home anywhere across social housing. The scheme is open to all. 



The Mayor's Housing Moves scheme enables victims/survivors of domestic abuse and former rough sleepers to move to a home within London. If you fall within these categories of person, you will need to speak with your housing officer for a referral to the scheme


Seaside and Country Homes

If you are 55 or older and you wish to move to a home outside of London then you may be interested in the Seaside & Country Homes scheme.